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The sales department is the contact point to potential customers of SPICE media across Europe. In sales we are creating and updating company presentations, references as well as the webpage as we consider these as successful channels to promote SPICE media. The sales team is frequently travelling to fairs in Germany, Denmark, Italy, and the UK if current COVID situations allow it. Furthermore, sales is negotiating the conditions and contracts with new clients and ramps them up until its considered as a running business.


At SPICE media we receive thousands of articles on a weekly basis where logistics has to process them all. From unpacking and checking them into our production system, through to the preparation of the goods such as ironing, steaming, or cleaning. Each and every article at SPICE media needs special treatment and we are here to make that happen. At the end of a production the logistics department sorts the articles and repacks them ready for their return shipment.

Content Production

At SPICE media, the content production department is responsible for the raw visual content the company creates. From model and bust shootings, to laydowns, packhots, videos, and right up to full campaign productions. The Production department processes the physical samples after logistics has prepared them. It is a great group of creative photographers, stylists, and art directors.


The post-production team at SPICE media is responsible to clean and finalise the images. We have a team of internal retouchers, with the occasional addition of freelancers joining whenever the workload gets heavy. Most of the retouch work is done outside the studio, in Bangladesh, where a dedicated team is taking care of whatever we throw at them. Most of our job is to quality check work coming in from Dhaka, as well as to organize and finalise them for client delivery. This setup allows SPICE media to deliver exceptional quality at high speeds, while keeping costs low.


At SPICE media, we are running and developing our own internal and external production system to fulfill all our clients and internal needs. This very comprehensive system needs constant support and new features as we grow. The IT department is also focuses on system administration, like the servers, backups and managing all the computers in the company.


The Finance department is responsible in and outgoing invoices, contracts, and all kinds of payment flows. Preparing weekly and monthly reports is one of our most important tasks. We also deal with cash-flow, budget issues, and asset orders. We support the management team at SPICE media with ad-hoc analyses, and forecasts when making financial and planning decisions.

Brand Management

The Brand Management department is handling client inquiries from A-Z. We work on concepts, briefings, and scout models. We are constantly in contact with our clients, to make their wishes happen. We supervise all productions from article arrival to delivery and even further. Meanwhile we monitor the latest fashion trends to provide an up-to-date service towards our customers.

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