Case Study


Bergfreunde.de was born on the site of a former textile factory in Kirchentellinsfurt near Tübingen - as an online retailer for mountain sports equipment.


With bergfreunde.de being a retailer it is needed to shoot a variety of brands, with different fits on the same models. This all needs to be done to show a difference between brands, while unifying the look and feel of the imagery.


With our experience at SPICE working with various brands each with their own unique style, we worked with bergfreunde.de to create a concept to shoot and deliver high quality, unique, images using a single model.


A unified look and feel of key articles on the bergfreunde.de website. This enabled customers to be able to compare between different styles, without image quality being the deciding factor.

“Thanks again for the good cooperation - you can see the pictures live in the shop right now. Black Week is in full swing. Interesting feedback for you could be that we have never finished preparing for Black Week as stress-free and as early as this year. You did so much work for us that the rest of the team could finish their tasks without any problems.”
Philip Kunz
Head of Content


After having their own studio, there can be difficulties when it comes to handling the logistics of a large scale production. They had quality drops, were not satisfied with the speed of shootings and image delivery. Due to this, they looked for a way to outsource the shootings to see if this can be made easier and started working with SPICE.

Spice Mission

Being a retailer for several global outdoor brand, the imagery needs to reflect its real-life use cases, with attention to detail. From having a carabiner clipped perfectly on a harness, to have natural people and natural feelings through the pictures.

What has improved

• We had a really fast workflow with SPICE
• The shootings went more professional
• Better quality images delivered
• Data handling easier