Frieda & Freddies

Case Study

Frieda & Freddies

The Frieda & Freddies collection is specialized in colourful coats and jackets. Over the years, the brand was vastly extended to a lifestyle collection that provides women a vibrant and colourful complete look.


To produce two large batches of articles per year shooting images that reflect the real look & feel, whilst bringing the designers' vision to life, so they can use these images across a variety of online channels.


Understanding the brand and the designers' vision through mutual briefings, SPICE Art Direction workshop discussions and feedback checks throughout the shootings.


Vibrant pictures, with vivid colours where the designers feel the imagery matches their vision for what they wanted the articles to look like before going online.

I am not kidding, the designers told me FINALLY our pieces are being shown how they envisioned them to be shown.”
Triena Seliger-Gest
eCommerce Manager


In the past a lot of the images did not reflect the actual articles, nor did they reflect what the designers envisioned when they would be going online. Also because SPICE can manage to produce bust/ghost, laydown and model images in a short period of time, enabling Frieda & Freddies to be online faster.

Spice Mission

To produce two large batches of articles every year with bust/ghost, laydown and model pictures. Frieda & Freddies has a playful, vivid and vibrant look and feel, which needs to be reflected in the imagery. The colours and playfulness of the brand should also be demonstrated through the model posing, colour matching and light settings. This also has to be done in a fast and efficient timeframe.

What has improved

• More vibrant and vivid pictures
• Pictures reflect the designers vision
• Fast & efficient image shooting method
• Ready to use images delivered quickly
• Styling and matching of outfits